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Beylerbeyi Moda Design Inc., the industry in the history that goes back many years experience in international trading and investment funds in which investments in Turkey and MENA countries MES Consulting Inc, UAE origin Petronia Invest Inc. and M. Emin Saraç.



We are aware how important it is to plan and assign a price for a product before the orders are placed. So, we, ourselves, order all the necessary items for manufacturing such as accessories and base materials.

Getting Ready for Manufacturing

At Beylerbeyi Moda Design Inc. we think that making our customers happy is the ultimate goal and we take no reservations to meet that goal. We carefully plan the designing, manufacturing and delivery steps, so our national and international customers can receive their orders in time and inexpensively.

After designing and fitting processes, we make a diligent work of acquiring the necessary fabrics and accessories. Thanks to our well-experienced and energetic acquisitions team, we can sustain a disciplined process without any issues. That way, we make sure to always use the best quality products for our customers.

We follow all the innovative approaches and developments in the fashion industry and we provide wide and effective workplaces for the wellbeing of our staff. The manufacturing process happens in high technology facilities with reliable infrastructure.

After designing, fittings, acquisitions and cutting processes, comes mass production. And to do that we work with our solution partners, so that everything goes smoothly. We carry out a method that can work for everyone and that can answer to various needs and demands of the industry. We provide products for boutique shops as well as chain companies. We cater to institutions of different capacities and we operate according to industrial quality requirements that are done frequently.

Working with our partners, we meticulously plan all the deliveries for you. It’s very important for us to deliver all the orders in time. So, we comply with international delivery standards which also include packing and transportation.

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Beylerbeyi Moda Design Inc. conducts all its activities from the production process to the transfer process with an open and transparent management approach.

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